Welcome to G-Dental

The profession of dentistry and the understanding that special attention needs to be paid to one’s oral health has been recognized for well over a hundred years.

However, it is within the past few decades that its true importance has been widely recognized and that people started regularly visiting the dentist while also remaining diligent about their home oral health routines. In addition to the emphasis placed on oral hygiene, the techniques and technology that dentists use in their respective offices has been steadily evolving to reduce discomfort, expedite treatments and provide patients with better services overall.

At G-Dental after a thorough examination, each patient is given a clear explanation of his condition.  All the pros and cons of what CAN be done / SHOULD be done / MUST be done are explained so that  there are multiple choices of treatment for  the patient. We have the time, patience, warmth and understanding to welcome you for a minimal-to-no pain comfortable experience and the expertise, materials and tools to provide best quality oral healthcare.